Jed Johns, 2014 (Photograph by  Dylan MacLean )

Jed Johns, 2014 (Photograph by Dylan MacLean)

Who is Jed Johns?

Here is his bio as featured in Gen Y Inc.'s 2014 "Twelve Incredibly Impressive Young Leaders at MacEwan University":

Jed is the former President of the Students’ Association of MacEwan University (2011-2013). He spent his time in public office negotiating a multi-million dollar U-Pass contract for students, reforming the association’s committee structure, and helped lay the foundation for a new association building. He now currently attends full-time classes at MacEwan University where he is a third-year political science student and works part-time for the provincial department of Aboriginal Relations.

Jed is of Cree descent and as a First Nations person who grew up in rural northern Alberta he brings with him a unique perspective to the work he does. Having come from a humble family that lived in the semi-isolated community of Fort Vermilion he quickly learned that there was a bigger world out there. That world and his exploration of it has yielded a vast array of eclectic work experiences, these include: having served in the Canadian Forces as a reservist; worked as an orthodontic lab technician; trained as an Aboriginal Junior Forest Ranger; spent time as an after-school programmer for young children; and recently interning at the Alberta Legislature for the Minister of Aboriginal Relations.

Some of Jed’s province-wide accomplishments stem from his time advocating on students' behalf through the Alberta Students’ Executive Council (ASEC) as its Vice Chair from 2012-2013.

In the recent 2013 Edmonton Municipal Election, Jed took time to manage a local councilor campaign where over $14,000 in donations was raised, volunteers were recruited, and numerous supporting events held. One of the positive comments made regarding the campaign was its ability to cultivate such a large social media presence. While his candidate, Dan St. Pierre, was ultimately unsuccessful in gaining a seat on city council Jed still considers it a worthwhile learning experience.

Local food security, learning new cooking techniques, and being active in the downtown Edmonton community are counted as some of Jed’s passions – he attempts to maintain balance in his life by tending to these when time permits!

On the more forward-thinking side of things: Jed aspires to one day be his own boss – owning a small coffee shop in the mountains, wearing big knitted sweaters, and conversing with local townsfolk. Till that time his goals are centered on improving the lives of Aboriginals and in achieving excellence in his government work.

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